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Pumpkin Seed Oil - Natural Deer and Fish Attractant

This deer, even in strong winds and snow, caught a whiff of the pumpkin seed oil on the cloth hanging up in the tree and had to pause to check it out before keeping up with the other deer in the group.
This huge deer with beautiful rack of antlers came in even though he doesn't like the camera infra red lights, he could not resist.

Best way to use the cover scent and attractant. First put your clothing hunting gear the night before into a plastic tote also put a rag with the oil on it in with the clothing, seal with the lid. Next day remove the hunting gear along with the rag with the oil and proceed to your hunting site. Set out the rag about 20 to 30 feet from your hunting blind or stand. Also remember all attractants need the scent carried by the wind to the deer's nose, also the hunter scent is carried to that deer as well. With the pumpkin seed oil, it could be applied to the hunters skin area including the face and hands. If you can eat pumpkin pie you should not have any allergic reaction, test a little on the fore arm first. You'll find most other scent cover recommend to not apply to skin. Big difference and advantage with the pumpkin seed oil. Our oil we make on our farm in Michigan using a special blend of different types of pumpkin seed, we obtained different kinds of seeds we planted from around the world. These varieties were observed on our farm to which the deer damaged the most to eat the seeds. Some of the types we could not stop the deer even with a high Joules volts of shock electric fence. Our pumpkin seed oil are all natural not an essential oil which many cover scents an attractant are made from, many use a chemical process to extract the scent. The deer know the difference. One last instruction when using the pumpkin seed oil. Use the scents only when hunting, don't leave it in the hunting area when you are not there. When the scent is left for several days deer may visit the scent several times and not be rewarded with food. After the deer get no reward of food after several times they will ignore the scent. If you want to use it for camera views, leave it out for only a couple of days then remove.
Five days prior to this video we placed the pumpkin seed oil, and it rained over 2 1/2 inches prior to this Seven point deer arriving to check it out. Other deer came as well during the five days, but none as impressive as this big boy.
This video shows deer smelling and going to a hat that I wore the evening before this video was recorded. The deer were attracted to the pumpkin seed oil that I applied to the hat and overcame their fear of human scent. I applied three drops to the hat and this is the results. During our 2018 hunting season, deer downwind of us would stop and come back to our hunting tripod and stand underneath for several minutes before moving on.
In this video we have a paper towel attached to this steel post and the deer are attracted to the pumpkin seed oil source. Please note there are several apple trees behind them in this video yet they are more attracted to the pumpkin seed oil.

100% all natural scent cover and attractant, smells like a nutty coffee, our PUMPKIN SEED OIL. Made from pumpkins grown on our farm in Michigan. A special blend of pumpkin types that wild life love. We still can't believe it does it all, covers body scent and also attracts deer back to you. Several times this last deer hunting season we had deer, when in our down wind scent, instead of running away they stopped and ran back to our tripod stand and stood underneath looking up as they would for acorns in an oak tree. This scent cover can be used for hunting other wildlife as well. The pumpkin seed oil gives off a food scent they recognize and come back to the source. The scent of food overwhelms their sense of danger and more to their food sense. We found in colder weather using as a scent cover around and on the heated body emits more of the scent than it would on scent strips. Usually there is no allergic reaction but test on a small area first before full use. Pumpkin seed oil has been used in skin care products. One last use is for the fisherman put it on your baits and jigs and get fish when others don't.
6 Point Buck Lured In by Pumpkin Seed Oil
6 Point Buck Lured In by Pumpkin Seed Oil

Deer AttractantDeer and animals don't find food by accident, they locate by smell. Our pumpkin seed oil has a strong scent that bring in the deer, both does and bucks. It's like ripening acorns in a tree, deer can smell them over a mile away then come to that area, our scent works the same way. Use on scent strips, cotton balls or scent containers. Place high enough off the ground to avoid deer contact. After each hunting day remove scented material, and place out for the next hunting day - that keeps deer from coming to your area when you are not there. Scent lasts for several hunting trips.

Whitetail Deer LureSeveral states have talked about the banning of deer urine for hunters to attract deer and there possible containing chronic wasting disease prions and effecting the deer herd. Our family farm has come up with a safe and natural alternative scent product . It similar to having ripening acorns in an oak tree having the scent bring in deer from a long distance to see if any are available. We are pressing pumpkin seeds into oil. The odor or scent from the pumpkin seed oil acts the same way. The best thing about it's use there is no food to eat no muzzle to muzzle contact deer don't linger in the area to leave droppings or urine, once like acorn if they are not found available they move on. The pumpkin oil scents are deposited on absorbent materials like scent strips, cotton balls, or scent wicked containers. They should be put out the day when hunting and retrieved at the end of the hunting day. This keeps deer from coming to the scented area when you are not there and keeps them coming several time looking for food and finding none. They may not keep visiting the area with a disappointed outcome. Store in a sealed bag to be used over several times. By the way it has a pleasant smell. If properly placed up high so deer can not come in contact with the pumpkin seed oil that limits body fluids being exchanged and lessen the risk of spreading chronic wasting disease. Deer like pumpkins and other cucurbit seeds as well they are very high in protein and has many other vitamins and trace elements making it a healthy meal for wildlife. Our state DNR said deer like a varied diet like humans a little bit of this and a little bit of that not all one thing. They may have been eating corn or clovers then have a new food smell, the pumpkin seed oil come across the nose, out of curiosity alone they will come to investigate where the scent is coming from, both does and bucks come to find the source of the scent.

Fish Attractant - Pumpkin Seed Oil
For people that fish, use the pumpkin seed oil this way. It can be applied to live bait or artificial lures. Put some in a shallow small container and drag the bait or lure through the pumpkin seed oil. It doesn't need to be reapplied with every cast. It's an oil and will resist the water. Reports of it's use was it helps you catch your limit quicker.

Bring It - Deer Attractant
Bring It - Deer Attractant Back of BottleOne story I would like to share on how we recognized how deer love this food source. For years we always had deer tear open the pumpkins to get to the seeds, but lately we had something unusual happen. On our farm we grow watermelons also a cucurbit, we grow mainly seedless varieties, but to have proper pollination we add every fifth plant that is a seeded varieties, for the past three year when the deer come to eat the melons they only eat the seeded ones. To me that shows the importance of the seeds to them and by smell know which ones have seeds. We have found a safe scent product that can be used and have no more of comingling of deer that would have naturally occurred. It just bring same deer that are naturally together to an area that can be viewed or hunted.

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